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In the year 2003, six engineers envisaged Gamya Foundation with a dream for strong and prosperous India by year 2020. Gamya Foundation is inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda. The tremendous success of our Indian entrepreneurs on a global scale helped our infantile dream sprout in the fertile environ we live-in. Pretty soon we found this dream grow into a giant monolith. A strong urge to do our bit for the community coupled with our experience in community service activities in college days drove us towards joining hands to form Gamya Foundation. With limited resources and boundless moral support from our families, friends and patrons, Gamya Foundation is now a registered charitable trust, recognized under Sec. 80G of the Income tax Act 1961. This ambitious effort is wedded to the goal of “Empowering the youth to architect their own Destiny - Gamya.”


Gamya Foundation aims to serve as an incubating nest where young dreams hatch and metamorphose into reality. Gamya Foundation seeks to challenge benchmarks and dares the youthful aspirations to touch the horizon of excellence. The objective of Gamya is to churn out talent and cast individual excellence in the mould of community leadership. The foundation is thus, in its own right, A Social Enterprise.

This envisaged Social Enterprise is a 5-tier structure emphasizing on the following issues.

  • Creation of Wealth
  • Quality Education
  • Quality Employment
  • Quality Health and
  • Restoring Cultural and Social Values
Gamya Board
Goutham G
[email protected]
Satish N
Vice President
[email protected]
Vikram D P
[email protected]
Niranjan S Patil
Joint Secretary
[email protected]
Srinidhi B G
Joint Secretary
[email protected]
Bharath Krishna Rao
[email protected]

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